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Aged Care in Rural & Remote Australia Background Paper

This paper outlines issues and concerns relating to aged care in rural and remote areas that have been raised with RDAA.

Health Care Homes Background Paper

RDAA's Health Care Homes Background Paper briefly describes the background to the Australian Government's Health Care Homes initiative and identifies a number of issues.

Mental health care in rural Australia - Background Paper

This paper informs RDAA's position paper Mental Health Care in Rural Australia - Key Issues.

Supports for rural practice infrastructure: investing in the future of rural and remote communities

The purpose of this paper is to explore options for a more flexible approach to providing these investments to better reflect the economic realities of the communities where doctors live and work, and the changing professional and personal aspirations of doctors.

John Humphreys RMA 2013 presentation
National Advanced Rural Training Program Discussion Paper
RDAA invites comments on a proposal for a national advanced rural training program designed to secure a pipeline of doctors with the qualifications, skills and experience required for rural practice.
Keeping people safe: Stage 1 of the Working Safe in Rural and Remote Australia project
The Working safe in rural and remote Australia project seeks solutions to the problem of workplace violence for health workers, teachers and police in rural and remote communities. Keeping People Safe is a report on a key part of the project which involved a survey of professionals and a literature/documentation review.
Core principles for a National Advanced Rural Training Program
Agreed core principles that could be used as a basis for a national rollout of an Advanced Rural Training Program.
Viable models project
The Viable Model of Rural and Remote project indicates that one in five practices in rural and remote Australia today is not sustainable and without urgent action this number will rise to over 50% in the next five years.
Emergency Medicine in Rural Australia
Outcomes of the Emergency Medicine in rural Australian Symposium hosted by RDAA and ACRRM.
A sustainable specialist workforce for rural australia
A position paper prepared by the Rural Specialists Group of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia in 2005.
Value of local specialist medical services to rural Australia
The rural specialist workforce is ageing and service gaps that are increasingly difficult to fill are appearing. More needs to be done to attract newly qualified specialists to regional and rural centres that offer good facilities and reasonable remuneration.